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أغسطس 17, 2017

VIDEO – Allurion co-founder Shantanu Gaur on CNBC’s Mad Money

CNBC – Jim Cramer sat down with the founder of Allurion Technologies to hear about his privately-held biotech company’s revolutionary obesity treatment.

فبراير 12, 2017

VIDEO – Balloon You Can Swallow Fights Obesity

NBC NEWS – Could a ‘Balloon in a Pill’ Be the Next Weight Loss Weapon?

يوليو 24, 2018

Allurion Technologies Completes Enrollment in Landmark Pivotal U.S. Clinical Trial for the Elipse® Balloon

BUSINESS WIRE – Allurion Technologies, a pioneering leader in the development of innovative, scalable and trusted weight loss experiences, today announces completion of enrollment in ENLIGHTEN, a United States clinical trial for the Elipse® Balloon –a procedureless™ gastric balloon for weight loss.

سبتمبر 25, 2018

Allurion Technologies announces key additions to the senior management

BUSINESS WIRE – Allurion Technologies, a pioneering leader in the development of innovative, scalable and trusted weight loss experiences, today announced the appointment of four new additions to the senior management team. These new hires bring an array of deep expertise to Allurion in areas including finance, sales, marketing, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

يونيو 13, 2019

Belleza: Lo último en balones intragástricos a modo de cápsula

LIBERTAD DIGITAL – Adelardo Caballero, director de Instituto de Obesidad, presenta Elipse, balón intragástrico que se ingiere como cápsula y se expulsa de forma natural.


يونيو 11, 2019

Víctor Sandoval muestra los avances de su injerto capilar tras ponerse el balón gástrico

LECTURAS – Ni las dietas ni el ejercicio están siendo suficientes para plantar cara al lento metabolismo de la edad adulta, así que Víctor Sandoval ha vuelto a ponerse en manos de una conocida clínica madrileña […] para implantarse un balón gástrico y así perder de forma rápida los kilos que le agobian.

يونيو 11, 2019

Víctor Sandoval se pone un balón gástrico para adelgazar antes de la boda de Belén Esteban

EL ESPAÑOL – Ni las dietas milagro, ni tampoco los programas de ejercicio son la solución a su pequeño problema de peso. Sin embargo, este balón es el primero y el único que no necesita endoscopia, cirugía ni anestesia para su colocación y posterior extracción. Esta técnica ayudará a Víctor a sentirse saciado y a comer menos. El balón es ingerido, y cuatro meses mas tarde es eliminado por sí solo.

أبريل 12, 2019

Balón gástrico sin cirugía: te contamos en qué consiste esta novedosa intervención

VITÓNICA – Una nueva generación de balones intragástricos, que se colocan sin necesidad de pasar por el quirófano, están saliendo al mercado. Entre ellos, está cogiendo fama la “cápsula Elipse”, o balón elipse, un dispositivo intragástrico innovador, desarrollado por la empresa Allurion y adoptado por numerosas clínicas privadas.

أبريل 4, 2019

La revolución del programa Elipse

SEVILLA MAGAZINE – Con el programa Elipse no hay restricciones estrictas en la dieta. No obstante, para maximizar la pérdida de peso y optimizar el confort, su nutricionista le hará las recomendaciones más adecuadas para usted, su cuerpo y sus objetivos.

أبريل 4, 2019

Balón Elipse, el tratamiento más innovador para la pérdida de peso

DIARIO DEL ALTOARAGON – El balón intragástrico Elipse es uno de los tratamientos estrella para perder peso debido a sus grandes ventajas entre las que se destacan que es ingerible y no requiere cirugía, ni endoscopia, ni anestesia.

أبريل 2, 2019

The balloon that can change your life

ANTI-AGE MAGAZINE – To date, more than 10,000 patients worldwide have been won over by this innovation. Claire, age 42, Elipse patient, tells: “What convinced and reassured me about this programme is the guidance I received from the healthcare professionals and the astounding results. I lost 10 kilos in 4 months, which means I can now run without being out of breath. My children can’t believe it!”

ديسمبر 17, 2018

Natick’s Allurion breaks new ground in the weight-loss market

THE METROWEST DAILY NEWS – Gaur and Levy developed the concept when they were second-year students at Harvard Medical School, and noticed a connection between obesity and almost every disease, including cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes. […] According to Gaur, there are 70 million obese people in the U.S., but only 200,000 have weight-loss surgery.

نوفمبر 27, 2018

Massachusetts doctors going the startup route

THE BOSTON GLOBE – “I realized that as a practicing physician or surgeon, the absolute impact I could have was constrained by what I could do with my two hands in 24 hours,” said Dr. Samuel Levy, 35, who planned to become a medical oncologist but instead helped found Allurion Technologies in 2009 to take on the obesity epidemic. […] Levy said he can help “patients halfway around the world while I am sleeping”.

نوفمبر 26, 2018

Deflating obesity: Allurion hopes its new balloon can help patients with weight loss

WORCESTER BUSINESS JOURNAL – The Elipse Balloon is already used in 12 countries in Europe and the Middle East, and Allurion expects to have its 10,000th patient by the end of the year after two years on the market. The company is now enrolling 400 patients for a clinical study in the United States, with a plan to receive results next year and win U.S. Food & Drug Administration approval by 2020.