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juillet 24, 2018

Allurion Technologies Completes Enrollment in Landmark Pivotal U.S. Clinical Trial for the Elipse® Balloon

BUSINESS WIRE – Allurion Technologies, a pioneering leader in the development of innovative, scalable and trusted weight loss experiences, today announces completion of enrollment in ENLIGHTEN, a United States clinical trial for the Elipse® Balloon –a procedureless™ gastric balloon for weight loss.

février 7, 2018

Allurion initiates ENLIGHTEN trial for Elipse Balloon

BARIATRIC NEWS – Allurion Technologies has started the ENLIGHTEN clinical trial for the Elipse Balloon – the world’s first and only procedureless gastric balloon for weight loss. ENLIGHTEN is a randomised, sham-controlled study designed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Elipse Balloon in 400 individuals. The study will be conducted at up to 12 sites in the US.

août 20, 2018

Channel 4 – Live Well for Longer Episode 4


Click here to watch us on Channel 4 on Live Well for Longer Episode 4. Tune in to 34th minute as Mr Pratik Sufi from Spire Bushey Hospital shows how the new Elipse Pill Balloon works. More information here – 



juillet 26, 2018

New procedure helps fight obesity

GULF NEWS – Ellipse Gastric Balloon helps lose weight through a non-invasive procedure.

Dubai: A new procedure is helping obese patients fight weight problems, with over a hundred overweight individuals taking advantage of the technique in the UAE.

According to experts, the new Ellipse Gastric Balloon not only helps lose weight but also decreases its associated medical conditions

juillet 22, 2018

كبسولة بالون المعدة تعالج 100 مريض بالسمنة


juin 18, 2018

Weight loss with swallowable balloon

MEDIA PLANET, HEALTH AWARENESS – Given the continued growth of the global obesity rate, what solutions are available for the two million overweight and obese people in the UK? Huge breakthroughs in the weight loss industry and new, swallowable balloon treatment means patients can simply walk in and out, with no hospitalisation needed.

juin 4, 2018

Elipse Balloon

SPIRE GATWICK PARK HOSPITAL – Mr Simon Monkhouse, consultant bariatric surgeon, gives an overview of new non-surgical weight-loss procedure, the Elipse balloon.

mai 22, 2018

Lo último de lo último: la Cápsula Elipse™

EL CONFIDENCIAL – En los últimos meses, ha irrumpido en este mercado la conocida como Cápsula Elipse™, un dispositivo que con una filosofía muy similar a todos los anteriores dispositivos destaca por dos características. Por un lado, no precisa de endoscopia ni anestesia para su implantación, ya que el dispositivo, del tamaño de una almendra, se traga unido a una cánula; cuando la cápsula llega al estómago, esta se hincha gracias a la cánula, que al terminar se desprende y se extrae por la boca.

mars 26, 2018

Perte de poids (sans reprendre du poids, sans chirurgie et sans miracle)

VIVI-B – Quel délicat sujet que la perte de poids ! Nous avons, en tant que femmes, presque tout été confrontées à la perte de poids avec la peur d’en reprendre. A différents moments bien évidemment, pour différentes raisons et sur des périodes plus ou moins longues.

mars 19, 2018

Breaking News : Victoria Beckham, Elipse Allurion, Stop Fourrure…


Vous avez été très nombreuses à réagir suite à mes Stories sur Instagram lors de la présentation presse Allurion. D’ailleurs, saviez-vous qu’il y avait plus de 2 milliards de gens en surpoids dans le monde ? Bref, pour vous la faire court, Elipse d’Allurion est un ballon gastrique sans chirurgie, ni endoscopie, ni anesthésie.

mars 13, 2018

What is a gastric balloon and how can it help you lose weight? All you need to know

THE SUN – A UK health expert has said that “potentially millions” of obese people could be helped by a new pill containing a gastric balloon.

Here’s the lowdown on the balloon procedure which leaves people feeling full without consuming as much food.

mars 13, 2018

Would YOU try it? The weight-loss balloon that’s swallowed like a pill to avoid surgery


  • Late last year, Kayleigh Fellows tipped the scales at 19stone, making her obese
  • Wary of gastric surgery, she decided to try an alternative – the Elipse balloon
  • Made from a thin form of plastic, it comes in a capsule with a catheter attached
  • Once swallowed,  a surgeon ensures it is in place using X-ray and fills with saline
  • Impressively, Kayleigh now weighs just 16st 2lb and her BMI is down to 36.5