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septembre 26, 2019

Un ballon intra-gastrique pour lutter contre l’obésité

IMAZ PRESS – « Ce dispositif provisoire permet au patient en surpoids ou obèse de prendre de bonnes habitudes alimentaires au travers d’une éducation, notamment sur la nature, les quantités et la vitesse de l’alimentation […]. De ce fait, le ballon, en raison de son fonctionnement par satiété aide le patient à atteindre les objectifs attendus » note la clinique.

septembre 16, 2019

Allurion Technologies’ Elipse® Program Demonstrates Significant Weight Loss in Findings Presented at 24th World IFSO Congress

BUSINESS WIRE – Allurion Technologies, a pioneering leader in the development of innovative, scalable and trusted weight loss experiences, today announced results from three key abstracts presented at the 24th World IFSO Congress. The abstracts examine the Elipse Program — featuring the Elipse Balloon, the world’s first and only procedureless medical device for weight loss — and show significant decreases in both weight and cardiovascular disease markers, such as LDL cholesterol and hemoglobin A1c, in patients who have used the balloon for weight loss.

septembre 16, 2019

Allurion expands in Natick, raises $60M

WORCESTER BUSINESS JOURNAL – The privately held company has raised $60 million in capital, with its largest investor Romulus Capital in Boston, Gaur said. Friday’s ribbon cutting at its new facility doubled as Allurion’s 10th anniversary, and Gaur used the occasion to look both back and ahead. “In the next 10 years,” Gaur said, “we’ll ask, how can we have (customers) with us for not just four years but for decades?” With U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval expected next year and a market debut in late 2020, Gaur thinks the company can hit the 200,000-a-year figure in the next four or five years.

septembre 11, 2019

Weight loss balloon DOES help you shed pounds faster, three new studies find

THE SUN – The single-dose treatment, called Elipse, could help « potentially millions » of obese people blitz as much as three stone, experts said. The first of the three new studies looking at the effectiveness of the weight loss balloon examined 1,623 patients across seven different countries who had tried it. And Allurion’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Ram Chuttani said: « These presentations underscore the impact the Elipse Programme can have on overweight and obese individuals treated by a variety of practitioners in different clinical settings all over the world.

août 19, 2019

Mum who binged after son was born drops 3 dress sizes after swallowing a balloon

THE SUNDAY MIRROR – « I don’t have the balloon inside me anymore, but the new routine it’s set up is here to stay. I used to be a very anxious, negative person, but now I feel so confident and empowered. It’s changed my body and my mind, and I’ll never go back to how I was before. » Valeria Rebeque de Brityo, 42, from Surrey, had the Elipse last November.

août 14, 2019

Ballon gastrique : zoom sur le modèle Elipse d’Allurion

BEAUTÉ-TEST – L’utilisation du ballon Elipse d’Allurion s’inscrit dans un programme d’amincissement d’une durée idéale de plus de six mois. Si la pose elle-même ne dure que seize semaines, le patient est en effet suivi par un(e) psychologue, un(e) nutritionniste, mais aussi éventuellement un(e) kinésithérapeute un mois avant, de manière à optimiser les résultats à venir. Autrement dit, les aspects psychologiques comme physiques sont pris en compte dans le programme.

août 14, 2019

J’ai testé le ballon Elipse d’Allurion

BEAUTÉ-TEST – « Mon bilan personnel : Je ne regrette en rien l’expérience avec mon petit ballon. Il m’a permis d’amorcer une perte de poids, tout en me poussant à m’écouter davantage et à mieux comprendre ma relation avec l’alimentation »

août 13, 2019

Could a hormone jab be the answer to the obesity epidemic?

THE TELEGRAPH – Josephine Davies, a 52-year-old-midwife […] is halfway through her Elipse therapy and has lost one stone and four pounds in two months. “I’ve spent my life as a yo-yo dieter […] and as a nurse on shifts, have always struggled with hunger. But the balloon fills you up so you never feel hunger”

juillet 22, 2019

Man, 67, who dresses up as Father Christmas shed 5st by swallowing a BALLOON that inflated in his stomach – and now has to wear a fat suit to play Santa

THE DAILY MAIL – « I really didn’t feel a thing, and I was out within an hour. After that, I had very little appetite and would eat only around a quarter of what I’d eaten before. Within a week, I’d lost a stone. » Michael concluded: « It was the best money I’ve ever spent. I feel I’ve got my life back. I can walk a lot better than before, and going out the house is not a strain like it used to be. »

juillet 8, 2019

Man loses five stone with this revolutionary weight loss diet – what is it?

EXPRESS – Michael said: “The whole experience of the Elipse Balloon has changed my life altogether, I am now walking a lot further. […] The balloon helped me to reprogram my mind on what I should eat and it’s enabled me to carry out everyday tasks – it’s given me my life back.” He has now lost five stone, initially weighing in at 21 stone. He is now a slimmer 16 stone 2 lbs.