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janvier 17, 2018

VIDEO – Dr. Roman Turro Discusses the Elipse Balloon


janvier 16, 2018

Balón gástrico sin operación: Beneficios y cómo funciona

ELLAHOY – Descubre el revolucionario balón gástrico sin operación, el procedimiento definitivo para perder peso sin cirugías invasivas.

Un balón gástrico sin operación, en forma de pastilla que se ingiere directamente sin necesidad de endoscopias ni anestesias. Se llama Elipse, llega desde Massachussets (Estados Unidos) y es la última revolución en cirugía de la obesidad. El balón elipse es además el primer balón gástrico que se vacía de manera automática, a los 4 meses, y se expulsa de forma natural a través del intestino.

décembre 12, 2017

FierceMedTech’s 2017 Fierce 15

FIERCE MEDICAL DEVICES – When we were compiling this year’s crop of Fierce 15 companies, some clear themes stood out. Genomics. Bioelectronics. Artificial intelligence. But while multiple companies are working to improve the use of these technologies, there runs a deeper current: making care more accessible.

For example, Allurion Technologies is developing a weight-loss balloon that is swallowed in an outpatient procedure and is naturally passed from the body at the end of the treatment period.

octobre 17, 2017

Allurion Technologies Appoints Four Distinguished Board Members; Secures Term Loan from Silicon Valley Bank

BUSINESS WIRE – Allurion Technologies, maker of the Elipse® Balloon – the world’s first and only procedureless™ gastric balloon for weight loss – announces the appointment of Michael Davin, Gail Zauder, Todd Zavodnick and Krishna Gupta to its Board of Directors.

juillet 12, 2017

The Bloomberg Baystate Business Hour: Balloons and Robots

BLOOMBERG – Bloomberg Boston Bureau Chief Tom Moroney and Radio News Anchor Anne Mostue are joined by top names from local business and finance to medicine and politics, along with Bloomberg reporters covering the latest stories in and around Boston.

juillet 11, 2017

This Company Raised $27 Million for a Weight Loss Balloon You Can Swallow in a Pill

FORTUNE – Beyond diet and exercise, Americans who need to lose significant weight—whether to guard against diabetes, heart disease, or other obesity-related illnesses—don’t have a lot of ideal options. Bariatric surgery is invasive, risky, and expensive.

juillet 11, 2017

Allurion Raises $27 Million for Weight-Loss Tech

WSJ – Startup’s balloon-based system delivers weight loss without surgery

juin 14, 2017

Ce que vous devez savoir sur le nouveau ballon gastrique sans anesthésie

MON COACHING MINCEUR – Une étude récente menée par des chercheurs italiens a démontré qu’un nouveau type de ballon gastrique, peut être inséré dans l’estomac sans endoscopie ou l’anesthésie. Une innovation bienvenue qui offre une nouvelle option thérapeutique aux personnes en surpoids.

mai 31, 2017

El globo gástrico que no necesita cirugía y con el que los obesos pueden perder 12 kg en 3 meses

BBC – Cómo este globo gástrico entra y sale del cuerpo parece cosa de magia: llega al estómago en una cápsula y se evacúa en las heces automáticamente pasados los cuatro meses.

mai 23, 2017

More Data on Balloon-in-a-Pill Show Almost 15% Weight Loss

MEDSCAPE – Results from another small trial with a novel intragastric balloon that can be swallowed without the patient requiring endoscopy or anesthesia show that the 42 participants lost an average of 15.6 kg (34 lb), or over 14% of their body weight, over the 16-week duration of the trial.

The patients involved in the study had an average BMI of 38.6 kg/mat the start of the study and in this case were put on a ketogenic, very low-calorie diet (700 kcal/day) diet for the last 4 weeks of the trial.