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février 4, 2017

VIDEO – Dr. Jar Allah Discusses the Elipse Balloon


janvier 4, 2017

21 intriguing new ideas and trailblazing people

BOSTON GLOBE – Free college for Boston students, an Alzheimer’s hope, weight loss in an (inflatable) pill, and more.

octobre 27, 2016

Lyfebulb and Novo Nordisk A/S announce the ten patient entrepreneur finalists for the Lyfebulb-Novo Nordisk Innovation Award

GLOBE NEWSWIRE – The Award Recognizes Patient Entrepreneurs’ Innovative Efforts and Ideas for Management of Diabetes Using Consumer Products, Medical Devices, or Healthcare Information Technologies

mai 17, 2016

Expanding in Stomachs and in Europe, Allurion Adds $6M for Anti-Obesity Device

XCONOMY BOSTON – Plenty of companies sell pills for weight loss or obesity treatment. None of them are quite like Allurion Technologies.

mai 17, 2016

Allurion offers gastric bypass surgery in a pill

TECHCRUNCH – Just swallow a pill and it expands into a balloon in your stomach so you don’t feel hungry. No gastric bypass, no surgery required. Sounds magical, but Boston-based Allurion has created the only non-invasive gastric balloon for obesity.

mai 5, 2016

Allurion Technologies’ Elipse™ Intragastric Balloon Receives Prestigious SAGES Innovation Award

BUSINESS WIRE – Allurion Technologies announced today that its flagship product, Elipse, has received the prestigious Emerging Technology Innovation Award from the Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons (SAGES).

janvier 12, 2016

Santé : le ballon gastrique

FRANCE 3 – Céline Vaconsin, médecin généraliste et son invité Nicolas Veyrie, chirurgien, nous présentent un nouveau ballon gastrique développé par une entreprise américaine pour le traitement de l’obésité : il s’ingère dans une gélule sans nécessiter d’endoscopie.

décembre 8, 2015

Allurion Technologies’ Elipse™ Gastric Balloon Receives European Marketing Approval

MARKET WIRED – World’s First Procedureless Weight Loss Device Offers a New Treatment Option for Overweight and Obese Individuals

novembre 6, 2015

This ‘Balloon in a Pill’ Expands in Your Stomach to Kill Food Cravings

SCIENCE ALERT – For people who find it hard or impossible to lose weight via conventional methods, surgical options such as lap band procedures are one way of reducing people’s appetites – by physically limiting the amount of free space the stomach has to offer.

novembre 5, 2015

The ‘Balloon Pill’: What you need to know about new appetite reducer

TODAY – A potential breakthrough in the battle against the bulge was announced in Los Angeles this week: a new weight-control device that involves a balloon, and does not involve surgery. TODAY’s Erica Hill reports.