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mai 31, 2017

El globo gástrico que no necesita cirugía y con el que los obesos pueden perder 12 kg en 3 meses

BBC – Cómo este globo gástrico entra y sale del cuerpo parece cosa de magia: llega al estómago en una cápsula y se evacúa en las heces automáticamente pasados los cuatro meses.

mai 23, 2017

More Data on Balloon-in-a-Pill Show Almost 15% Weight Loss

MEDSCAPE – Results from another small trial with a novel intragastric balloon that can be swallowed without the patient requiring endoscopy or anesthesia show that the 42 participants lost an average of 15.6 kg (34 lb), or over 14% of their body weight, over the 16-week duration of the trial.

The patients involved in the study had an average BMI of 38.6 kg/mat the start of the study and in this case were put on a ketogenic, very low-calorie diet (700 kcal/day) diet for the last 4 weeks of the trial.

mai 22, 2017

Obésité : résultats prometteurs pour un ballon gastrique

POURQUOI DOCTEUR – Avalé dans une gélule, évacué par les voies naturelles, un ballon gastrique gonflable a permis à des personnes obèses de perdre 15 kilos en l’espace de 4 mois.

Avaler un ballon pour mincir, cela peut sembler surprenant. C’est pourtant l’approche expérimentée par l’université Sapienza de Rome (Italie). Le dispositif a été implanté à plusieurs patients obèses avec succès. Les résultats de l’étude ont été présentés au Congrès européen sur l’obésité, qui se tenait à Porto (Portugal) du 17 au 20 mai.

mai 20, 2017

VIDEO – Elipse Balloon weight-loss device helps patients feel full

DAILY MAIL – Elipse Balloon from Allurion is a capsule that is swallowed, filled with water, and helps patients feel full forcing them to eat less.

mai 18, 2017

Swallowable gastric balloon could help the obese lose weight without surgery

THE GUARDIAN – Although not a replacement for bariatric surgery, temporary balloon could be used as early intervention or for those who do not want, or cannot have, surgery

mai 18, 2017

‘One-off pill’ can cause two stone weight loss, study finds

THE TELEGRAPH – Millions of Britons could lose more than two stone by taking a pill which contains a balloon, a study suggests.

The results – unveiled at the world’s largest obesity conference – showed it can be an effective alternative to weight loss surgery.

mai 18, 2017

Balloon-pill swallowed with a glass of water and then inflated in the stomach helps seriously obese patients lose weight in just FOUR months

THE DAILY MAIL – But she [Dr Ienca] said although the results were impressive – change in behaviour afterwards was crucial, with patients being persuaded to eat less and do more exercise. « This is the real power of this treatment – combine the kick-off action of the device with the key role of the follow up. The balloon itself represents only a part of the treatment – we aimed to change the mindset of the patient. These are the pillars to be able to maintain the weight lost with the balloon as long as possible. »

mai 18, 2017

Obesità: come dimagrire ingoiando un palloncino, ecco lo studio italiano

METEOWEB – Dimagrire ingoiando un palloncino: è la nuova strategia anti-obesità testata da un team di scienziati italiani e al centro di uno studio presentato in Portogallo al Congresso europeo sull’obesità (Eco) di Porto

avril 7, 2017

VIDEO – Allurion co-founder Shantanu Gaur presents at SAGES 2016

mars 31, 2017

Allurion Repays Massachusetts Life Sciences Center

MLSC – The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) and Natick-based Allurion Technologies announced that the company, which was awarded a $750,000 Accelerator loan from the MLSC in 2011, has repaid the loan with interest after a successful funding round from private investors.