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Weight loss campaign starts with 'balloon pill' and a glass of water

Kent live

Woman loses three stone in four months after having a £3,700 balloon inflated in her stomach

Kent Live - Now a size 12, she said: “It felt strange as the balloon inflated. It was a bit like being force fed and eating three big Christmas dinners, one after the other. But what having it did for me was to take away my guilt over food and allow me to give myself permission to enjoy what I do eat, and indulge in the occasional treat. It’s the first time in years that feel I’m in control of my body and what I put in it.”

Manchester Evening News

A balloon helped an Altrincham woman shed three stone in four months

Manchester Evening News -  "The balloon is not a magic pill. You still have to change how you think about food and what you’re eating. But I now eat a quarter of the portion sizes I used to, and I also eat far less processed foods. I try and eat everything in an eight hour window too, so I'm not eating too late. It’s a great feeling knowing I look and feel healthier. It’s the first time in years that feel I’m in control of my body and what I put in it.”

Yahoo news

Woman swallows balloon to lose weight

Yahoo News - Caroline Eardley, fromGreater Manchester, weighed 15st 2lb and was a size 16-18 when she decided tochange her lifestyle. The final trigger came when the subject of her weightwas brought up by family members last Christmas. Caroline said she has alwayshad a complicated relationship with food and, as she got older, she continuedto struggle with her confidence. In just three months, she lost three stone, and now weighs around 11st 11lb, having continued to slimdown even after the balloon passed naturally out of her body.

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