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London, United Kingdom

"Elipse has helped me to reprogramme my mind on what I should eat. It's enabled me to carry out everyday tasks and given me my life back. I had taken on a seasonal job as Father Christmas over the last few years for a very large organisation - you can imagine my delight in December when I was asked if I would like to wear a fat suit, as I was looking so thin!"  

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4 stones lost in 6 months|asterisk-88|

Hetsie Cronje

It was fantastic. My energy and my confidence are back. I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t worn for 3 years!

Hetsie Cronje, 42 years old
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2 stones lost in 6 months|asterisk-88|
Hetsie Cronje

Gauthier Agnoletto

Bordeaux, France

“I had two individual Elipse placements over the course of 1 year.|asterisk-3524| They gave me the motivation I needed and enabled me to lose 40kgs. It changed my life. I eat smaller quantities and everyday life activities like climbing the stairs require less effort then they used to. I now feel happier with higher self-esteem and I'll be avoiding the road to obesity in the future.“  

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6.3 stones lost in 1 year|asterisk-88|

Paolo Anselmi

Rome, Italy

Thanks to Elipse, I learnt moderation and I understood not to eat beyond the sense of fullness, which I believe is fundamental.

Paolo Anselmi, 58 years old
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4.7 stones lost in 6 months|asterisk-88|

Hesa Al Khalifa

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“I've been a food blogger for 6 years. So far I have lost 14 kgs thanks to the Elipse Balloon. It wasn’t an easy decision, but when I think about it, it was the best decision I could have made. My life changed completely. Now I have even started to explore healthy dishes and my portions have remained smaller even after the balloon has passed.’’ 

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2.2 stones lost in 6 months|asterisk-88|
Hesa Al Khalifa


Madrid, Spain

“I had my first Elipse balloon placed 15 months ago and, thanks to the good results, I’m having my second balloon placed very soon.|asterisk-3524| The main benefit has been being able to fit into my favourite clothes again and increasing my motivation. Although I like the way I now look, I also chose Elipse for health reasons as I know being overweight is linked to high blood pressure and diabetes."   

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2.3 stones lost in 6 months|asterisk-88|

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