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Elipse program

No surgery No endoscopy|asterisk-293| No anaesthesia Just results|asterisk-88|

Sometimes, dieting isn’t enough.
The Elipse Balloon is a revolutionary gastric balloon that creates a feeling of fullness by taking up space in your stomach. It gives you the chance to take a ‘honeymoon from hunger’.|footnote-86|


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Elipse patient testimonial

Hetsie - 2 stones lost in 6 months*

" It was fantastic. My energy and my confidence are back. I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t worn for 3 years!"

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Easy to place

The Elipse Balloon is placed during a simple 20-minute consultation with your healthcare professional.|footnote-89| It does not require surgery, endoscopy|asterisk-293|, or anaesthesia.

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The support to succeed

A fully supported programme with healthcare professionals on hand to help you change your lifestyle habits. Open the door to a new you!

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Meaningful results|asterisk-88|

Lose an average of 10 to 15kg (1.57 to 2.36 stone) during your 16-week placement with support from a nutritionist and our connected app and scale.|footnote-294| |footnote-295| |footnote-296| |footnote-297| |footnote-298| |footnote-299| |footnote-300| |footnote-301| |footnote-302| |footnote-303|

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How does the Elipse Balloon Weight Loss Program work?

Is it easy to swallow?


Published data have shown that 99.9% of people succeed in swallowing the Elipse Balloon. If you have trouble swallowing the capsule on your own, your healthcare professional can assist you by gently stiffening the catheter with a thin wire.|footnote-302|

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Elipse is more than "just a gastric balloon"

Elipse combines a high-tech balloon solution with a full package of support to help you develop good lifestyle habits that can remain with you long after your balloon has gone.

One clinical study with 95 patients showed that 72% of average weight loss with Elipse can be sustained at 12 month follow up.|footnote-294|

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Is the Elipse programme right for you?

Use our quick and easy Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator to find out.

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In case of a medical emergency or other medical questions, please contact your Elipse clinic or local healthcare provider.

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|asterisk-88|Results may vary from one patient to another. A small percentage of patients don’t respond to the treatment.

|asterisk-293|In rare cases, the Elipse Balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal. In rare cases, the empty balloon may be vomited instead of passing through the GI tract.

|footnote-86|Quote from Lucy Jones, dietician http://www.lucyjonesdietitian.co.uk/

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