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There are unmet needs in healthcare systems worldwide – and they are growing. Disruptive solutions that empower consumers to become active participants in their own care have the best chance of success. At Allurion, we value customer-driven design principles and a company culture that prioritises openness, transparency, and collaboration.

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People who are empowered to become active in their own healthcare have the best chance of success.

To make this possible, healthcare solutions need to be easy and convenient. They need to be free of the medical complexity that usually accompanies weight-loss therapies.
They need to be like Allurion’s Elipse Programme.

Our story
Allurion founders

Creation of Allurion

Allurion Technologies was founded in 2009 when Sammy Levy and Shantanu Gaur were in their second year at Harvard Medical School. That was when Sammy and Shantanu started to rethink popular perceptions about weight loss. To better understand the journeys of people who were overweight or struggling with obesity, Sammy and Shantanu did something unusual: they started listening to their patients’ stories. As a result, Allurion is now transforming thousands of lives around the world.




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Sammy and Shantanu realised that ineffective diets frustrated overweight people. They also realised those same people were either afraid of traditional, invasive weight-loss surgery or they could not afford it (sometimes it was both).

Just as importantly, their patients were asking for something easy and convenient, a treatment without the medical complexity that came with other weight-loss therapies. As they started researching solutions, they imagined what has now become Allurion’s 360-degree weight-loss platform: the Elipse Programme.

The Elipse Programme has already been used by thousands of people around the world and it is fast becoming the weight-loss programme of choice across Europe, the Middle East and South America.

Today, Allurion retains the original vision of its founders: to help people achieve their full potential with innovative, personalised and trusted experiences.

Our values

Ethics first

Ethics first

Openness & transparency

Openness & transparency

Scientific validation

Scientific validation

Data driven decision making

Data-driven decision making

Employee fulfilment

Employee fulfilment

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We’re here to answer any questions you may have. 

In case of a medical emergency or other medical questions, please contact your Elipse clinic or local healthcare provider.

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|footnote-312|Calculation based on the average weight loss observed in the Largest Elipse Data Collection to date (1623 consecutive patients, in 19 centres, across 7 countries) : 12.9±6.5 kg