What is the Elipse Programme?
Elipse balloon from Allurion

At the centre of the programme is a revolutionary soft balloon that creates a feeling of fullness in your stomach

nutritional coaching from Allurion

Benefit from 6 months of dietary support from your nutritionist to support lasting lifestyle changes

Smart and connected scale for weight loss

Use your Allurion body composition scale and Health Tracker linked to your app to follow your progress

Steps to weight loss success

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Steps to weight loss success

Kick-start your weight loss journey

It’s time to say goodbye to traditional, ineffective weight-loss programmes. Speak with your doctor about having an assessment to find out if the Elipse Programme might work for you. Your doctor will be able to answer any questions you may have and help prepare you for your balloon placement.

Steps to weight loss success

Get ready to take a "honeymoon from hunger"|footnote-86|

Change your lifestyle and your waistline. Meet with your nutritionist to devise a healthy eating plan that you can start in the lead-up to your balloon placement. Your healthcare team will also discuss with you how you can plan ahead to increase the chances of any weight you lose staying off beyond your 16-week balloon placement.

Steps to weight loss success

Have your balloon placed

Your Elipse Balloon will be placed during a 20-minute consultation with your doctor.|footnote-89| Once the balloon is inflated, it stays in your stomach for approximately 16 weeks. During this period, you can use your body composition scale and Health Tracker linked to your app to follow your progress. Don’t forget to continue your healthy lifestyle plan to help prepare your body for life after the balloon.

Steps to weight loss success

Get back to being you

After approximately 16 weeks, the balloon automatically deflates and passes out naturally.|asterisk-293| However, the Elipse Programme continues with another one month of support from your doctor and nutritionist.|asterisk-307| No weight-loss program is a magic bullet, however if you continue to follow your healthy lifestyle plan, you will have the best chance of ensuring that the weight you’ve lost stays off.|asterisk-307| 

95% of average weight loss with Elipse can be sustained at 12 months|footnote-4147|

A temporary balloon does not mean temporary weight loss

No weight loss programme is a magic bullet. An effective programme is based on good healthcare and good science. Elipse is just that: it is a proven programme that takes a holistic approach to losing weight. It combines a high-tech balloon solution with a full package of support to help you develop good lifestyle habits that can remain with you long after your balloon has gone. One clinical study with 509 patients showed that 95% of average weight loss with Elipse can be sustained at 12 month follow up.|footnote-4147|

Support from your doctor - Allurion baloon

Support from your doctor

With the Elipse Programme you are not alone. You will benefit from advice and support from your doctor before, during and after your balloon placement.

nutritional coaching

6 months of dietary coaching from a trained nutritionist

Elipse is more than ‘just a balloon’. It’s a fully supported programme to help you to lose weight – and to keep it off. You will work with a nutritionist to develop a tailored lifestyle plan to help you make healthy eating choices even after your 16-week balloon placement.

Allurion digital support

A body composition scale and Health Tracker linked to your app to follow your progress

You can use your connected body composition scale and Health Tracker linked to your app to record your progress and to share your success with your healthcare team. Watch as the kilos come off – and be motivated to keep them off.

Allurion App

Download. Tap. Track.

Use your app to share your results quickly and easily with your doctor, nutritionist, friends and family via email, social media and messaging apps. With Elipse, you have a team to support you on your weight loss journey!

Stay active with the health tracker

The Allurion app connects with the Allurion scale, Fitbit|asterisk-4260|, and the Allurion Health Tracker to monitor your body readings and daily activity.

The Health Tracker is worn on your wrist, and measures steps, exercise and sleep.

Stay in control of your weight loss

Weigh yourself every week using your smart scale to ensure your new lifestyle plan stays on track. Your smart scale helps you monitor key indicators like weight, body fat and BMI to ensure you stay in control of your weight loss journey.

Kick-start your weight-loss journey with Elipse

A 16-week Elipse balloon placement coupled with a lifestyle modification programme that focuses on diet and exercise, results in more weight loss than diet or exercise alone.|footnote-303| |asterisk-307|


In the graph below you can see the percentage of patients achieving at least 10% weight loss in 16 weeks. You can see it is much higher for those who have Elipse!

Elipse results
Percentage of patients reaching at least 10% Total Body Weight Loss
Raftopoulos et al. Abstract 1978. Presented at ACS 2019, San Francisco, United States.

Discover the Elipse Balloon

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Making the most of the Elipse Programme

There are some simple steps you can take to help maintain a healthy weight beyond your 16-week balloon placement.

nutritional coaching

Follow your new healthy eating plan

smart scale

Use your Elipse scale, your Health Tracker and your app to monitor and share your progress

physician support

Work closely with your nutritionist and healthcare professional|asterisk-307|

healthy lifestyle

Try and establish healthier lifestyle habits, such as exercising regularly and reducing your alcohol intake

family support

Ask for support from friends and family to help you eat well and stay active

Paolo Anselmi

Rome, Italy

Thanks to Elipse, I learnt moderation and I understood not to eat beyond the sense of fullness, which I believe is fundamental.

Paolo Anselmi , 58 years old
Discover success stories
4.7stones lost in 6 months|asterisk-88|
15kgs 2-12

How much weight can be lost with Elipse?

After approximately 16 weeks of the Elipse Programme|asterisk-307|, multiple clinical studies have demonstrated that patients lose on average 10 to 15kgs (1.57 to 2.36 stone) over the 16 weeks the balloon is in place.|asterisk-88| |footnote-294| |footnote-303| |footnote-302| |footnote-296| |footnote-297| |footnote-295| |footnote-298| |footnote-299| |footnote-300| |footnote-301| |footnote-308|

More questions answered

|asterisk-88|Results may vary from one patient to another. A small percentage of patients don’t respond to the treatment.

|asterisk-293|In rare cases, the Elipse Balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal. In rare cases, the empty balloon may be vomited instead of passing through the GI tract.

|asterisk-307|The Elipse Balloon must be used in conjunction with a supervised nutrition and behavior modification programme. Allurion advises a 6-month follow-up programme. Its duration is defined by the physician and may vary depending on the physician and patient profile.

|asterisk-4260|Fitbit is not the property of Allurion Technologies

|footnote-86|Quote from Lucy Jones, dietician http://www.lucyjonesdietitian.co.uk/

|footnote-89|Clinical Trial Reports: DAA069 and DAA105

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