of patients are not satisfied with weight loss solutions they’ve tried|footnote-311|

Elipse is a game-changing weight loss device that matches your patients' needs and helps them meet their weight loss expectations.|footnote-311|

A fast and efficient procedure

The Elipse Balloon is swallowed during a standard 20-minute consultation.|footnote-89| It passes out naturally approximately 16 weeks later.|asterisk-293|


Elipse is a breakthrough in simplicity: there is no surgery, no endoscopy|asterisk-293| and no anaesthesia required. The programme offers demonstrated efficacy alongside the convenience of a walk-in placement. Your patient enjoys the privacy of fast and effective outpatient treatment at your clinic. This personalised approach means no one in their immediate circle needs to know they have had the placement.         

Effective results

After approximately 16 weeks of Elipse therapy, patients lose an average of 10 to 15kgs (1.57 to 2.36 stone).|footnote-90| |footnote-302| |footnote-296| |footnote-297| |footnote-295| |footnote-298| |footnote-299| |footnote-300| |footnote-301| |footnote-303|


When coupled with a 16-week intensive lifestyle modification, Elipse leads to significant weight loss compared to lifestyle modification alone.
However, a temporary balloon does not mean temporary weight loss. One study showed that 72% of average weight loss can be sustained after 12 months.|footnote-90|

Multidisciplinary support

Patients receive medical and nutritional support for the duration of the programme, along with an app connected to a body composition scale and health tracker to track their progress.


Elipse is more than "just a balloon". It’s a fully supported weight-loss programme that is tailored to individual needs. It provides your patients with the nutritional support and exercise guidance they need to make life-changing habits to kick-start their weight-loss journey.|asterisk-307|

Elipse Balloon is the world’s first and only weight loss gastric balloon requiring no surgery, no endoscopy|asterisk-293|, or anaesthesia.
A revolutionary material

A revolutionary material

The balloon material is flexible enough to fold into a capsule and safely pass through the GI tract, yet durable enough to spend 16 weeks in the stomach|footnote-90| |footnote-296| |footnote-314|

swallowable gastric balloon

Swallowing the balloon

The capsule is swallowed along with a thin delivery catheter that facilitates filling. A study shows 99.9% of patients are able to swallow the device, with only 32% requiring stylet assistance.|footnote-302|

Elipse balloon fill valve

The fill valve

The fill valve is made from thin film that seals shut after the delivery catheter is removed.

Elipse balloon release valve

The release valve

This is made from a thin film and a degradable filament. The release valve progressively weakens and then opens at a pre-determined time to allow the balloon to empty.|footnote-90| |footnote-296| |footnote-314| The empty balloon then passes through the GI tract naturally or may be vomited in a very small number of patients. Vomiting of the balloon has not been associated with any reported adverse events to date.

An excellent safety profile with proven efficacy

The largest Elipse data collection to date featured|footnote-302|

  • 1623 consecutive patients

  • 19 centres

  • 7 countries

weight loss

At 4 months

Total Body Weight Loss was
13.6% ±5,7%

Mean Weight Loss
12.9kgs ±6.5kgs

BMI reduction
4.9kg/m² ±3.3kg/m2

metabolic improvement

All metabolic parameters improved; triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and level of blood sugar 

(measured in a subset of 407 patients)

swallowable gastric balloon


of patients were able to swallow the device

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The best Elipse experience for your patients

Support from day 1

  • Place your first 10 balloons with the support of the Allurion team
  • Use in-clinic communication tools
  • Get support to help you create a tailored, multidisciplinary Elipse programme

Benefit from Allurion’s expertise

  • Clinical expertise
  • Research
  • Allurion Academy
  • Staff training
  • Online support
  • Customer care manager

Improve patient engagement and follow-up

  • Long-term programme
  • Connected smart scale
  • Allurion app
  • Allurion health tracker
  • Best-In-Class Warranty

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|asterisk-293|In rare cases, the Elipse Balloon may require endoscopic or surgical intervention for removal. In rare cases, the empty balloon may be vomited instead of passing through the GI tract.

|asterisk-307|The Elipse Balloon must be used in conjunction with a supervised nutrition and behavior modification programme. Allurion advises a 6-month follow-up programme. Its duration is defined by the physician and may vary depending on the physician and patient profile.

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