We have your back
through-out your weight-
loss journey

“Making the decision to get the Elipse™ Balloon
was a turning point for me…
I am proud of what I have achieved and I love
what I see in the mirror now!”

Maria, 44 / Spain

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What people say about the Elipse Program

Genuine testimonials from former Elipse Program participants across the world

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“My Elipse Balloon was a big help to me. Even though it is gone, I eat much less than I did before. My life has completely changed.”

Cedric, 50 / France

“I lost 10 kilos in 4 months…and even though the balloon is gone, I have completely changed my eating habits! Both the balloon and my nutritionist – who I loved – helped me achieve these results.”

Veronique, 42 / France

“The Elipse Program helped me find a food balance and sport activities that suit me and that I will be able to apply in the long term. These 6 months, supported by the balloon, allowed me to develop a new lifestyle.”

Cristina, 36 / Italy

“This is the turning point to get me back on track…I’ve already lost 4kg in 1 month.”

Diego, 65 / Spain

“I am delighted with this experience. Thanks to the support of the Elipse Balloon and the professionals who ran the program, I regained my self-confidence.”

Aisha, 29 / Kuwait

“I’m happy – really happy”

Julie, 32 / Belgium

“I didn’t want to talk about dieting with my relatives anymore and it was hard getting support. With my Elipse Program team, I’m no longer struggling with my weight alone and in secret.”

Martine, 34 / France

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